• Garbage Segregation is MANDATORY in SPRINGFIELDS.

  • FINES apply for not complying (BBMP directive).


  • Segregated garbage should be left outside your apartment for pickup by Housekeeping staff.



  • Garbage SHOULD NOT be dumped anywhere else. Only for exceptional cases of travel, it may be disposed in the bins near main gate.

  • Anyone leaving garbage on the staircase or common areas will be fined Rs. 500/-.

  • CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS DISPOSAL: Call SWA Office for help disposing at extra charge to you (or) have your civil contractor arrange for disposal. DO NOT DUMP IN COMMON AREAS.

  • PET LITTER in COMMON AREAS: Pet owners are responsible to clean up any littering caused by their pet in common areas.

  • For BINS/BAGS, contact Complaint Cell.

  • For questions, contact SWA Office or Complaint Cell.

  • DO NOT flush/dump any items in toilets.

  • DO NOT throw items outside windows/balconies as it could cause serious injury.

  • Educate your family and help about ALL these guidelines.

Springfields Waste Segregation Guidelines


Other useful resources such as Zero Waste Parties, check out: 2Bin1Bag.


Please acquaint yourself with the segregation poster above provided to each apartment. If you do not have this poster, or the bins or the recycling bag please call 20800/20801 and they will be delivered to you.

1. What do I put in each coloured bin and bag?

Green Bin:

Compostable organic waste -all food waste, plate scrapings, vegetable, fruit peels, flowers, garden waste goes in this bin. You could pour your leftover edible liquids (chutney, sambhar etc) into the drain. Put your strainer in the sink to catch the solids. Throw these solids into the green bins. Please be extremely careful not to put any plastic items, however small, in this bin. If there is any plastic or material that cannot be composted in this bin, this waste will not be picked by the housekeeping staff.

Coconuts should be left outside the green bin.

White /Pink/Blue Bag (Dry Waste):

All the plastic, cartons, wrappers, papers, covers, cans, bottles, jars, magazines, letters,old clothe etc that we don't need goes into this bag. Please do rinse milk packets, ice cream/curd cups, takeaway boxes before you throw them in. You can put the bag out for pick up everyday.

Pink bin (Reject / Sanitary Waste):

Diapers, sanitary napkins wrapped in paper, broken glass wrapped in paper, mopping dust, expired medicines cigarette stubs, mosquito mats, goes in this bin. Ideally this bin should have very little content.Please remember that the contents of the pink bin end up in a landfill…try and avoid putting anything in the pink bin unless you have to (things you can’t avoid are house dust, hair, sanitary waste, something that is so soiled that it would waste too much water to wash and clean it)

2. I would like to use my own bins?

No. The bins provided are colour coded to help housekeeping staffs to identify the type of waste/garbage. Please keep garbage in designated bins and bag only.

3. How do I line my green bin?

Please use only paper in a limited amount to line your bins. Ideally, we shouldn't have problems since garbage is picked up every day from your doorstep.

4. Can I line my pink bin with a plastic liner?

No. We are trying to reduce plastics, so buying more plastic bags to line your reject waste bag will defeat the whole purpose.

5. I want to line my bin with plastic since it'll get dirty. I'll reuse the plastic bag.

Absolutely not, we are trying to get rid of plastic bags. The whole purpose is defeated if you start lining your bins with plastic bags. You can line with newspaper.

6. My maid didn't do it right.

Please train your maid and show different type of waste in the poster and bins/bag.

7. What is the pick up time?

Pick up time will vary depending on the floor you are staying. Housekeeping staff will start the pickup from top to ground floor. Please keep your garbage at your doorsteps (not on the stairs) before 9:30 AM.

8. I see my neighbor are not segregating the waste.

Please feel free to remind them gently :) or Please report to the HK staff.

9. What happens when I have a party?

You and your guests will still need to segregate the waste. Try not to use disposable plates/cups and cutlery. Arecanut plates are good since they can be composted if you want to use disposable plates. Please stay away from styrofoam.

10. Disposal of razors/knife/blades (has plastic/metal), would it go in Reject Waste?

Yes. However, please wrap any broken glass or sharps in newspaper and place on top of the pink bin.

11. What is the procedure to dispose E-Waste (Electronic Waste: Batteries, Electronic Toys)?

The E-Waste bin is located in the Club House. (E-Waste is hazardous if not disposed properly). Please drop your e-waste in E-waste bin only provided in Club House. Please reduce the usage of tubelights and replace with CFLs. The mercury in tubelights being hazardous, vendors are refusing to pick it up.

12. What is the procedure to dispose Home Interior/Renovation/Construction Debris?

If you are renovating or doing any interior work, please ensure that the bulk of your debris is taken away by the contractor. For small quantities of debris, pots, plants etc, please inform HK staff for pick up. Debris removal will be charged to you. Dumping debris anywhere in the common areas or the basement is strictly prohibited and will attract a fine.



Our success depends on this process been followed by ALL the residents.